About Rice King Products

Rice King Products is a family owned and operated business which manufactures premium frozen meals. The business has been established since 1987 and produces a wide range of delicious frozen meals from authentic Asian to traditional Western cuisines. All manufacturing is based in Auburn, New South Wales Australia.

Having recently re-located to its state-of-the-art manufacturing premises to Auburn in 2014, Rice King is on a journey to produce ever innovative and tasty meals. The meals at hand comprises a wide mixture of Asian and Western style wet dishes, numerous fried rice variants, array of noodle specialties, baked meals, tasty sauces all in different size ranges for your home kitchen to your food service/commercial catering portions.

Rice King has decades of experience in the food retail and service industry making us an ideal partner in your meal selection palate. We believe in providing the best food for the soul and as such, if you have a recipe or meal in mind, we are able to help tailor your creation. Our latest kitchen has been developed to include the latest equipment and a mission to constantly strive for the finest meals.