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Lemon Honey Chicken DishLemon Honey Chicken Dish
Lemon Chicken with Honey Boil BagLemon Chicken with Honey Boil Bag

Lemon Chicken with Honey

Good Source of Protein
Low Fat
Low Sugar
Gluten Free
Good Source of Protein
Low Fat
Low Sugar
Gluten Free

Sizes Available

Nutrition Information

Servings per kilo:


Serving size:


Average Quantity per Serving
Average Quantity per Serving 100g
764.0 kJ
509.0 kJ
13.1 g
8.7 g
Fat, total
3.3 g
2.2 g
– saturated
0.7 g
0.5 g
23.5 g
15.7 g
– sugars
19.8 g
13.2 g
495.0 mg
330.0 mg


Water, Chicken (25%), Sugar, Vinegar, Celery, Onion, Carrot, Capsicum, Honey (3.9%), Modified Maize Starch (1422), Canola Oil, Lemon Juice (0.7%) (Sulphites), Wine (Sulphites), Flavour (Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancer (635)), Salt, Spice.



May Be Present

Milk, Egg

Cooking Instructions

Results may vary according to the appliance used and portion sizes. Please adjust cooking times and temperatures if necessary.

Store at or below -18°C
Boil in Bag from Frozen
  1. Place unopened and unpunctured sachet in a pot of hot or boiling water.
  2. Bring water to boiling point and simmer for approximately 18 minutes (less heating time if product is thawed).
  3. Remove sachet from pot cut with scissors half way across the top, and serve.
Microwave from Thawed (Based on 1000MW Microwave)
  1. Remove contents from bag and transfer to a microwave dish or container.
  2. Cover the meal with a microwave dish and heat on high power for 5 minutes. Carefully stir meal, then heat on high for a further 3 minutes or until hot.
Stir Fried from Frozen and Thawed (Heating time will differ between the two)
  1. Empty contacts into pan and heat slowly.
  2. Stir frequently until hot.
Note: Heating instructions are provided as a guide only.