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Our Products

Unique recipes, made with the finest ingredients, to produce an authentic and delicious flavour

At Rice King, we’re proud to offer you quality meal solutions, with authentic and unique flavours. We use the finest ingredients which are frozen fresh, never soggy… ultimately, real ingredients you can see.

Our meals are uniquely packaged, with convenient boil bags, and versatile foil trays, offering convenience and cost savings.

All of our ingredients are carefully and consciously chosen. We purchase our meat protein from Australian farms, ensuring the freshest options are available, and supporting animal welfare. Our chicken is purchased from RSPCA approved farms, and our beef and pork are bought from industry accredited farms. We’re proud to support local growers; our vegetables are always fresh, hand-picked and bought directly from Sydney Markets.

Products and fresh ingredients

All our meat protein is sourced from Australian farms, ensuring not only the freshest options available but also adhering to supporting the best possible animal welfare outcomes for all our local grown livestock.


We only purchase from RSPCA approved chicken processors.


We only purchase from Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program certified farms.


We only purchase certified organic beef by accredited National Livestock Identification System suppliers.


All our main vegetable components are purchased directly from Sydney Markets.

Our quality recipes are all unique as we assure you all our products are made with the finest ingredients at a consistent tasty flavour.